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Product Availability FAQs

 Product availability FAQs for PuzzleZoo.com. Find out what it means for a toy to be back-ordered or in stock.


Do you have the item I want in stock?

PuzzleZoo.com only lists products that we physically have in stock. If you see it online, it’s in our warehouse waiting to ship out to you!

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What does it mean when it says my item is backordered?

PuzzleZoo.com has a limited supply of each item we carry. Occasionally, an item will sell so fast that we oversell it. In those instances, orders are filled based on which customer purchased it first until we run out of our allotment. If your order in unable to be filled, the item will be backordered. When this happens we will do everything we can to fulfill your order. If we are unable to do that, we will cancel the order. This process can take up to five days if we’re able to fill the item from one of our retail locations.

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When will my item be shipped?

Products on PuzzleZoo.com will ship based on the 2 availability categories:

  • In Stock - In stock items typically ship within 1-2 business days.
  • Backordered - Each backordered item will show an estimate of how long we anticipate that it may take for the item to be back in stock again. This is just an estimate, wait time may be more or less.

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When will I be charged for the items I order?

You will be charged for products by PuzzleZoo.com based on the following:

  • Payment via Credit Card - Orders paid with a credit card will have an authorization made at the time of purchase and then charged to your credit card once it has shipped.
  • Payment via PayPal - Orders paid via PayPal will be charged at the time of checkout.

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What if my order includes In Stock and Backorder items?

PuzzleZoo.com ships your every order in a single shipment. For orders too large to fit in a single box, we’ll send it out in separate shipments at no extra cost to you. If your order has backordered items, we will wait until we are able to fill those backorders before we ship. If we are unable to fill backorder items you will be contacted to confirm you still want the rest of your order before we it out.

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Can a Backordered item be canceled?

Yes, absolutely. You may, at any time, cancel any backorder which has not yet been processed or shipped. We also reserve the right to cancel any backorder at any time. This may be necessary if an item is discontinued, canceled or if we determine that we will not be able to fulfill the backorder for any other reason. If an order is placed for a large quantity of an item, we reserve the right to limit the quantity on the order. This process of limiting quantities is done to satisfy as many customers as possible. Customers are always notified immediately in the event that we need to cancel or limit a backorder.

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What if a Backorder item's price changes after I order?

Although the price of an item may fluctuate, the price of an item is fixed at the point when you placed your order. In other words, you will never be charged more for an item than the price it was when you originally ordered it.

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What happened to pre-orders?

When PuzzleZoo.com first began, we allowed customers to pre-order toys and collectibles that would be sent out at a later date. We continued this when we launched as ToyZoo.com. However, in the past few years we’ve seen multiple manufacturers miss release dates by weeks, sometimes months. Because of this, Puzzle Zoo has decided to do away with pre-orders. We will still carry the same, highly sought collectibles as before, but now we will only put them online when they actually arrive at our warehouse. If you are curious about toys coming soon to PuzzleZoo.com, be sure to check out our blog.

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