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The World's Most Iconic Toys

A stroll down the toy aisle takes us on a trip around the world, through time, technology, politics, and cultures. While some toys dabble in election campaigns, others bask in the limelight of Hollywood. Some travel around the globe to swing from a string or start a sport. Regardless of their origin, they have become so intricately woven into our individual lives and memories, and into our collective human experience, that they can never be forgotten. These iconic gems shaped the way we play. Some of them could even be said to have influenced the course of world events.

Do you know the history of your favorite toys?

The World's Most Iconic Toys

How many of these have you feeling nostalgic? If so, check out each section's toys here: Luke Skywalker Rubik's Cube Transformers Potato Head Barbie Monopoly Elmo LEGO

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