In 1995, the world's most unique toy store Puzzle Zoo launched its first website with For nearly 20 years it grew into the web's top destination for toy collectors around the world. Bringing the fun and excitement of shopping in a Puzzle Zoo store to the internet, our web presence grew at a rapid pace as shoppers in our retail stores would recommend our website to their out-of-town friends. Three years ago, we underwent a major overhaul of our web operations and relaunched the website as Now, after popular demand, we've brought back the original name with the new and improved!

Why'd you change?

As grew online, we received many inquiries into our business, many of them from customers wondering just what we had to sell. Some thought we only sold puzzles and a few thought we were an actual zoo. While we did start out as a simple puzzle store, our inventory now holds thousands of items that have nothing to do with puzzles, such as action figures, board games, dolls, R/C cars, POP! figures and more. We thought a new name would help those unfamiliar with us understand that we sell way more than just puzzles.

Turns out, a change in the name wasn't needed. With our retail locations in Southern California, the Puzzle Zoo brand became synonymous with quality. People from countries around the world knew us by name and recommended us to their friends and family. That's what happens when you bring a smile to the faces of customers for more than 20 years, they tend to remember your name.

With that knowledge in place, we made the decision last year to return to our original and world famous name of With the relaunch, we've also updated our website, giving it a clean and crisp new look.

What's different?

Most of the differences between ToyZoo and PuzzleZoo are so small customers won't notice them. That is except for one: will no longer have pre-orders available. When we launched, we noticed an uptick in the number of customers coming to us to pre-order the latest and greatest toys. At the same time, we noticed an uptick in the number of manufacturers who were consistently missing release dates on their hot ticket items. Most would be late by a month or two, but some would miss their ship date by a year or longer. Sometimes, these toys were simply never put into product and we were given no warning.
So, to make things simple, we'll now only list items on our website when we actually have them in stock here. That way when you buy sometime from PuzzleZoo, you know you're getting it right away. And just because we've done away with pre-orders, doesn't mean we're doing away with the types of toys we order. will still carry the same brands you love to collect, including Funko, NECA, Mezco Toyz, McFarlane Toys, LEGO, Mattel, Ravensburger and more. If you ever want to know what's new at PuzzleZoo, check out New Arrivals page or the Puzzle Zoo blog where we'll give you a look at what's coming soon.

So to our faithful customers who have supported us for all these years, we thank you. For those who are finding us for the very first time, welcome to!