To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the greatest galaxy wars in Earth’s history, Toynami has released four legendary 1:100-scale Robotech action figures and a blind-box set of super-deformed vinyl figurines.
Robotech 30th Anniversary Action Figures
The dashing blue-eyed, blond-haired daredevil, Roy Fokker VF-1S, stands at the helm of the Robotech action figures, ready to lead the most formidable squadron of Veritech fighter pilots into battle. With his unmatched skill as a test pilot for Project Veritech, and his impressive performance during the Global War (shooting down 108 enemy planes!), no one is better prepared to command the Skull Squadron against invading Zentraedi forces.

Looking up to Roy is Rick Hunter VF-1J, who follows closely in his mentor and best friend’s footsteps. As the first Robotech Defense Force pilot to survive an encounter inside a Zentraedi battle cruiser, Rick quickly proves his merit as an invaluable Veritech fighter pilot. Rick’s illustrious career is complete with the daring rescue of his future wife – a feat that earns him the Titanium Medal; assuming command of the Skull Squadron after Roy succumbs to fatal injuries; and leading the Pioneer Mission to find the Robotech Master’s home world. Rick’s legendary heroism survives long after his disappearance into the hyperspace fold aboard the SDF-3 at the end of the Third Robotech War.

Max VF-1A and Miriya VF-1J complete this amazing set of Robotech action figures. Perhaps solely responsible for the first glimpse of peace between the citizens of Earth and the Zentraedi, their unlikely romance begins on rocky ground. When Max uses his trademark-blue VF-1 to defeat the Zentraedi force’s finest pilot, he becomes the archenemy of his future love, the fearsome Miriya. In spite of her commitment to avenge the death of her fellow fallen Zentraedi warrior, Miriya is defeated in battle again and again. In a surprising turn of events, Max wins more than just their battles. He wins Miriya’s heart! This cross-galactic couple embodies hope for a peaceful future in the war-torn world of Robotech.

All four fully transformable Robotech action figures stand approximately six inches tall and can be converted into Fighter mode, Battloid mode, or Gerwalk mode. Each comes with a gunpod weapon accessory and an adjustable display stand for maximum poseability in any mode.

On the softer side, the blind box of super-deformed vinyl figurines puts an adorable twist on the war-torn galaxy. The figurines, measuring two- to three-inches tall, include the powerhouse of Earth’s mecha, the Destroid Tomahawk; renowned Veritech fighter pilot, Hikaru Ichijo, a.k.a. Rick Hunter; Max Sterling’s VF-1A; Miriya Sterling’s VF-1J; the VF-1S Skull Leader, specifically designed for commanding officers of Veritech squadrons; and the Regult, the main mecha and one-man tactical pod of the Zentraedi army. These highly squeezable figurines add a fun, friendly touch to the battle to save Earth.