Bioshock POP! figures 

In 2007, fans around the world were introduced to the underwater mecca known as Rapture in the acclaimed video game BioShock. Developed by Irrational Games, the title served as the spiritual successor to the hit game System Shock and explored life in a city where Objectivism and Capitalism reigned supreme against all else. Rapture would not last though as the discovery of ADAM propelled the city and its inhabitants into a decline that would see them turn into monsters.

You can revisit Rapture, or it's parallel universer sister-city Columbia, with the first line of BioShock Funko POP! vinyl figures. Five figures in this set are available for pre-order today here at Bring home Booker, Booker with Skyhook, Elizabeth, Little Sister or the super-sized Big Daddy! Each figure stands 3.75" tall, except Big Daddy who stands a whopping 6" tall.

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