In 2011, the videogame Mortal Kombat reinvigorated the then nearly 20 year old franchise by bringing the game back to its 2D roots. Featuring the best graphics the series had ever seen, Mortal Kombat revisited the storyline from the first three games of the series as players fought to prevent the total annihilation of Earthrealm. The game, its new fighting engine, its gore and X-Ray moves proved to be popular with fans as it sold more than four million copies. In 2015, that game finally got a sequel in Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat X continues the story from the first game, as members of the Special Forces work together to prevent the return of the fallen God Shinnok. Bigger, bolder and bloodier than ever before, Mortal Kombat X has been called the pinnacle of the series, a perfect mixture of new and old characters with a refined fighting engine that may be the best yet. Of course no fighting game would be worth playing if the characters weren't creative and eye-catching, and on that front Mortal Kombat X does not disappoint. Some of the best characters, both new and old, are now available for pre-order as action figures here at! Now is your chance to preorder:

Quan Chi
Kotal Kahn

From Mezco Toyz, each figure in the first and second series of Mortal Kombat X action figures is scaled to 6" and modeled after their appearance in the blockbuster videogame. To ensure a game accurate likeness, correct to the finest detail, Mezco's award-winning design team has digitally sculpted each figure using the digital files from the game developers themselves. Each features more than 17 points of articulation and includes game accurate accessories. Series 1 is expected to be in stores this summer while series 2 will come around this holiday season. Release dates subject to change.