Kong with Ann Bust

Ten Years of Peter Jackson’s King Kong

This is the year King Kong turns ten, and fans of the movie will undoubtedly be looking for collectibles to celebrate the occasion. Recalling some of the most exciting scenes from the epic movie, a collection of limited edition King Kong toys celebrates this anniversary by allowing fans to bring a piece of the film home with them.

Into the Mist…

As King Kong enthusiasts know, it all started when filmmaker Carl Denham and his crew braved uncharted waters to make their way to the mysterious Skull Island, where they discovered an incredible secret: the giant ape called King Kong, who took possession of the young actress Ann Darrow – and wasn’t going to give her up without a fight. A limited edition resin bust of Kong with Ms. Darrow preserves this iconic image from the movie, allowing fans to relive it again and again. This moment captures the empathic relationship between Kong and his captive, whom he comes to love, and who, in her own way, comes to love him in return.

Larger Than Life

SkullSkull 2

After making the audience wait more than an hour without a glimpse, Jackson finally reveals the fantastic creatures that have been allowed to continue evolving uninterrupted on Skull Island. Among these was supposed to be the Ferrucutus, a much deadlier version of the dinosaur we know in real life as Triceratops. Its big attack scene was ultimately cut from the film, which makes the commemorative bust of this creature all the more exciting – the Ferrucutus allows fans to capture a moment from the film so exclusive that it now exists only on the cutting room floor.

BookendsAnother fierce creature that does make a brief but critical appearance in the movie is the sharp- toothed Venatosaurus, Kong’s main competition for food on the island. Fans can add to their personal museum of Skull Island creatures with a limited edition bust of this deadly dinosaur’s skull, featuring its impressive set of choppers and imposing bone structure.

Finally, the ultimate battle of the beasts deserves an equally impressive memento to capture it. In the movie, the clash between Kong and V-Rex proves that Kong is the undisputed alpha male. King Kong enthusiasts can relive this moment again and again with an inventive set of bookends crafted with remarkable detail. These resin masterpieces create a sense of movement so vivid that it almost looks as if the creatures are about to liberate themselves and burst right out onto your bookshelf.

Peter Jackson’s version of this epic tale reclaimed its glory, transforming it into a visually stunning and dramatically compelling movie for the ages. Celebrate the ten-year anniversary of this pivotal film by visiting Toyzoo to purchase these commemorative items – before they’re gone for good.