Just when you think the superhero bubble is going to burst, Hollywood announces another slate of new movies and television shows based off our favorite DC and Marvel characters. The power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed the summer blockbuster as we know it, giving feature films and television series the type of engrossing and interconnected story-telling that you used to only find in the pages of comic books. As the MCU enters into phase three, movie goers are going to be introduced to a whole new crew of heroes they haven't seen on the silver screen before. That also rings true for television as The CW, Fox and CBS are all betting big on superheroes, while Netflix and the Playstation Network continue to establish their relevance in the industry with original programming based on comic heroes.
In short, the superhero train seems to be continuing at full speed with no signs of stopping. And while there are as many as 43 superhero films planned for release in the next five to six years, as well as 12 (maybe 13) superhero television series that are set to air over the next two years, we can't help but think of five great heroes we want to see on big (or little) screen before this super-powered bubble bursts. Here now is the ToyZoo.com list of superheroes that need their own film or television series.

Kamala Khan

5. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

For many, Carol Danvers will always be Ms. Marvel. Major Carol Danvers was a member of the US Air Force and gains her superhuman powers when Kree and human genes were fused. This gave her the power of flight, superhuman strength, super speed and energy projection. Okay, so those aren't the most original superpowers, but Ms. Marvel's popularity persisted nonetheless for several decades until 2012 when she assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel. In 2018, a Carol Danvers led “Captain Marvel” film will be released (though she might appear earlier in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” sequel if the comics mean anything).
It took more than a year for a new hero to step up and assume the title of Ms. Marvel, and that hero was Kamala Khan. This Pakistani American teenager has been called "the closest thing to classic Spider-Man" by Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. Kamala Khan, who idolized Carol Danvers, realized she could fight crime as the new Ms. Marvel when she discovered she had Inhuman genes at the end of the “Inhumanity” comic storyline. Her superpower? She's a polymorph which means she can contort her body into different lengths and sizes. Grow to thirty feet tall? That's no problem! Expand her hand to pull a friend out of the water? Easy as pie. All that plus she has to find a way to pray five times a day. A unique comic background? A visually stunning superpower? A slew of vile villains waiting to be pulverized? Yep, Kamala Khan would make an excellent star of the next Marvel television series.

Deadman Mini Figure

4. Deadman

If the trailer for “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is glimpse into the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, then things are going to get real dark, real fast. If DC is serious about a brooding movie franchise, they should pass on The Flash (because you're not going to do any better than the amazing CW series) and shift their focus to Deadman. Deadman, as his name suggests, is a ghost. When he was alive he was known as Boston Brand, a circus trapeze artist who was killed by a mysterious figure called Hook. In death the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna gave his spirit the ability to possess any living being so he could seek out his killer and uncover a massive organization of contract killers. Thus, Deadman was born... er reborn. In the New 52, his story is very similar only he has no choice but to fight crime by possessing others so he can avoid an eternity in Hell.
Just like Kamala Khan above, Deadman has the one-two punch of the perfect candidate for a feature film or television series: he has a great story to tell and a superpower that can be visually stunning. Plus his movie or television show can give us a spin on the superhero film we haven't seen before: film-noir (let's just pretend “The Spirit” never happened). Now Deadman may be hitting the silver screen in “Justice League Dark,” but as of right now that film hasn't been given the green light so we still feel he deserves a spot on this list.

The New Gods

3. The New Gods

In 1970, Jack Kirby created what would be known as Fourth World. Intended to be a limited series, the Fourth World dealt with the war between two rival planets: New Genesis and Apokolips. Even casual comic fans might recognize Apokolips as the home of Darkseid, one of Superman's greatest enemies. In the comic series The New Gods, Darkseid seeks out the Anti-Life Equation which would allow him to control all living beings. Opposing him are the heroes from New Genesis. Led by Orion, the Fourth World war would encompass both warring planets as well as many heroes and villains from Earth. In our eyes, The New Gods could do for DC what Guardians of the Galaxy did for Marvel.
With its otherworldly setting, The New Gods could be the next big sci-fi superhero film (a genre that is criminally underserved in the industry). Plus, DC has a wide spectrum of heroes and villains to choose from. Besides Orion and Darkseid, moviegoers can meet some obscure but otherwise awesome characters from the New God series, including Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Doctor Bedlam, Forever People, Granny Goodness, Infinity-Man and Steppenwolf. There are more than two dozen heroes and villains from the New Gods saga that would look amazing on the big screen. Heck, the New Gods could even be its own little cinematic universe (like the X-Men or Spider-Man film series).

Batgirl Action Figure

2. Barbara Gordon as Batgirl

In the 1960s, “Batman” was one of the most popular shows on television. The campy spin on Batman, Robin and their Rogues Gallery was must-see TV for millions of kids and adults around the country. It had everything... except for a strong female protagonist. That changed in 1967 when, at the behest of the television show producers, Barbara Gordon made her debut as Batgirl in 1967 in Detective Comics No. 359. She would appear on the television series later that year for its third season portrayed by Yvonne Craig. Unlike Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl, Barbara would stick around. For two decades she fought crime alongside Batman and Robin in the pages of DC Comics. In 1988, she was shot and paralyzed by The Joker in the celebrated graphic novel “Batman: The Killing Joke.” After that Barbara became known as The Oracle and other girls stepped into the shoes of Batgirl. But sometimes the original is the best and Batgirl's handicap ended with the New 52 when she was once again fought crime as Batgirl.
So why Batgirl? Because next to Wonder Woman she is the most famous female superhero ever. Batgirl has a timelessness about her. It's one thing to see an Amazonian princess with super strength and an invisible jet fight supervillains, it's something else to see a librarian don a cape and mask in order to fight the scum of Gotham City. (That's right, a librarian. Not Alfred's niece, Joel Schumacher!) Currently, Barbara Gordon is scheduled to appear as The Oracle in the upcoming series Titans, based off the comic book series Teen Titans. While we love The Oracle, we think in this new era of DC films, Barbara Gordon is one character that deserves her dues.


1. The Runaways

If you are already familiar with Runaways, you probably agree with their placement on this list. If you've never heard of them, allow us to educate you. Runaways is a Marvel comic that debuted in 2003 and featured six kids who learn then have superpowers; superpowers they inherited from their parents who are all super-villains in an organization known as the Pride. This group of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants are the crime lords who control Los Angeles. The kids decide to team up and work together to end their parents reign over the city. In the midst of this there are secrets uncovered, friends betrayed and heroes fallen. Runaways has everything we love about comic books and the movies in one stellar series. It also has a dinosaur.
A film version of this comic was supposed to have been made but it was shelved by Marvel in favor of the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Phase Three set to end in a spectacular blowout with Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2; the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a great place to introduce this new kind of superhero team.

Bonus: Lockheed

Lockheed Image

This is Lockheed. He is a dragon. He also has guns. 'nuff said.