On any other network, Bob's Burgers would have been canned after the first season. As the youngest show on Fox's Sunday night lineup, Bob's Burgers has been quietly winning over fans since its debut in 2011. The main reason for the show's continued existence is its diverse roster of characters that are all funny in their own way. Tina loves butts, Gene loves farts, Louise loves chaos and Teddy loves burgers.

If you're a fan, now is the time to show it with new POP! figures from Funko. Pick your favorite: Buttloose Tina, Beefsquatch or Teddy. From the episode "Bad Tina," Buttloose Tina features the eldest Belcher daughter in tight pink spandex ready to grab your butt. Beefsquatch has Gene in his burger suit with the Sasquatch mask he got from a kid at Wagstaff. Finally Teddy is standing idly by, waiting for you to serve him up one of Bob's best burgers.

These figures are available now, but be sure to check out the rest of our POP! Television figures.