Batman is one of the most prolific comic books heroes today. He's on the pages of DC comics, he's on television, he's in movies, he's in cereal bowls around the country - it seems the world can't get enough of the Caped Crusader. If you're a big Batman fan, has new collectables you can add to your collection in the near future.

We start with two sets of action figures based off the classic Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns. You can celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this historic piece of fiction with the Batman & Superman Dark Knight Returns action figure 2-pack. We also have the Batman, Carrie Kelly as Robin and Mutant Leader action figure 3-pack based off their appearance in The New Batman Adventures "Legends of the Dark Knight" episode.

If you're a fan of the Batman cartoon series, now is your chance to get the Batwing from the 90's groundbreaking show Batman: The Animated Series. ToyZoo also has a new Harley Quinn action figure, a character that first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. This action figure features a design by Amanda Conner.

Finally, for fans who prefer their Batman memorabilia to be more than just a toy, pre-orders are now open for four new Batman statues: Eduardo Risso's 2nd Edition Batman Black & White, Dave Johnson's Batman Black & White, Jock's 2nd Edition Dick Grayson as Batman Black & White, and Frank Miller The Joker Black & White.