Adventure Time Monopoly

The classic game Monopoly has taken on many forms over the years. With its straightforward, timeless structure and universal appeal, it makes sense that the game would be adapted over time to cater to a wide range of audiences and interests. Although the object is always the same – whoever acquires the most, wins – it’s the details that make variations of the game so fun for different audiences.

The Original

First marketed commercially in 1935, during the height of the Great Depression, this version of the game quickly became a classic. It featured Atlantic City as its venue and included many now-iconic game pieces still in use today: the thimble, the top hat, the shoe, and the battleship. The humble iron, a perpetual least-favorite among fans of the game, was a member of the original lineup but was recently retired. Another original piece, the cannon, changed form over the years but was also eventually eliminated.

Most Popular Versions

There have been so many different variations of this game over the years that it’s difficult to narrow down the most popular ones, but there are a few that stand out:

- The Disney Edition: In this iteration of the game, the players’ pieces are, of course, Disney characters. Houses and hotels are replaced by White Rabbit Cottages and Sleeping Beauty Castles, and the “properties” are Disney movies. What Disney fan could resist “Magic Moment” and “Showtime” cards in place of Chance and Community Chest?

- The Marvel Comics Edition: This variation on the original theme includes custom game tokens shaped like objects associated with the superheroes in the Marvel series, and comic books in place of the properties found in the original.

- The Golf: Signature Holes Edition: This version of the game features famous golf holes instead of properties. It also includes golf classics such as water hazards and sand traps.

Strangest Versions

While there have been many popular special collectors’ editions of this game over the years, some variations on the original have seemed to take the concept of the game to its extreme. The Walking Dead Survival Edition is one example. This version of the game utilizes images and themes found in the graphic novels by the same name. Almost every detail of the game, outside of the basic goal and rules of play, is altered to match the motif: play pieces are objects connected with the main characters (and include the macabre “bucket of body parts”), play is based on accumulating supplies, and walls and guard towers replace houses and hotels.  Last one alive wins! There are also versions of the game dedicated to cats, horses, boy bands, and many transient cultural trends.

This is more than just a game; it’s an indicator of our cultural consciousness. Visit Toyzoo to find your favorite current version of this classic.