LEGO Exo SuitHave you ever had an idea for your own LEGO set? Did you take apart your LEGO Star Wars and LEGO City sets to build an original creation? Did you know now that idea has the possibility to be turned into an official LEGO set? It's true with LEGO Ideas.

Started in 2008 as LEGO Cuusoo, LEGO Ideas gives LEGO fans the chance to have their own LEGO creations sold in stores. The first LEGO Ideas set was modeled after the DSV Shinkai 6500 Submarine. In 2011, Minecraft creator Mojang submitted the idea for the first LEGO set based off of the hit video game.

In 2012, creator Peter Reid submitted his idea for the first approved LEGO Ideas project that wasn't based off an existing license or intellectual property with the LEGO Exo Suit. The first of three original ideas approved, this 321 piece set was based off an exo suit Reid had created using his own LEGO bricks. The project launched in March of 2012, and by January of 2013 it had received the 10,000 supporters needed to have it be taken into consideration by LEGO. In October 2013, the Exo Suit officially joined LEGO Ideas family as idea #007. The LEGO Ideas Exo Suit is now available for purchase at This soon-to-be retired LEGO set includes enough pieces to build a hyper-articulated exo suit, two astronauts (names Pete and Yve) and a robot turtle. This set is recommended for builders age 12 and up. Get it today with Free Standard Shipping to the contiguous United States.