While it is nearly impossible to narrow the most-desirable action figures down to a list of 50, let alone 10, we borrowed a little courage and fortitude from our favorite heroes, and forged ahead with a list of the top-5 best action figures. In compiling this list, of course we considered the legends behind the figures, as well as the physical features of the figures themselves because, really, without one, what good is the other?

5. Wolverine (Marvel Select)

Wolverine Marvel Select

Sculpted by world-class artist Rudy Garcia, Marvel’s Select Wolverine action figure is exquisitely detailed. Our favorite man of adamantium stands just under six-inches tall, wearing his original X-Men costume, on top of a deluxe Weapon X base. With 14 points of articulation, this mutant is ready for any challenge.

4. Skeletor (Mattel, 2009)

Skeletor, Masters of the Universe

The 2009 release of this Masters of the Universe figure is highly detailed, fully articulated, and comes with a Sword of Power, a Half Power Sword, removable chest armor, and a Havoc staff. The Evil Lord of Destruction’s battle for Castle Grayskull wages on.

3. Spawn (McFarlane Toys)

Spawn Series 1 Action Figure

The impressive painting and sculpting of the first line of Spawn toys, released in 1994, made them some of the most desirable action figures available at the time. McFarlane Toys has not let up on that level of quality in the subsequently released series. Figures of this anti-hero and his adversaries continue to amaze again and again.

2. Venom (Marvel Select)

Before Carnage, before Anti-Venom, there was the original Venom, Eddie Brock. Ravaged by shame, the disgraced journalist was the perfect host to wield the evil power of the alien Symbiote and use it to pursue his personal vendetta against Spiderman. Featuring 16 points of articulation and four interchangeable heads and hands, it’s easy to recreate our favorite Venom looks.

1. Boba Fett, Black Series (Hasbro)

Boba Fett Black Series

Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series of six-inch tall, fully articulated figures really raises the bar on the best action figures, bringing the intricate details of our favorite characters to life. This awesome figure of Boba Fett is quite possibly the most captivating of the series. His customized Mandalorian armor and fierce weaponry show the many battle scars of Boba Fett’s epic quest to destroy the Jedi, while serving as a bounty hunter and mercenary for the Empire and the criminal underworld.

So we admit, we may have a thing for the anti-hero. But who isn’t fascinated by their innate inability to overcome the devastating challenges of their tormented worlds, and their relentless pursuit by misguided means of ever-elusive goals? Besides, without these guys, what would our heroes do?

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