Dante Action Figure

Centuries ago, a swordsman known as Sparda took up arms against the Devil. After defeating the forces of hell and Mundus, Sparda become known as the Legendary Dark Knight. Before his life was over, he took a human wife and fathered two sons: Vergil and Dante.

2,000 years after Sparda first defeated the forces of hell, Mundus is returning. The key to stopping him lies in a castle on Mallet Island. With Sparda passed, the only man who can stop his return is the half-human, half-demon Dante!

Devil May Cry fans are still waiting for the REAL Dante's return to the series, but until that day comes they can create their own adventures with the Dante action figure. From NECA Player Select, this 6.75" toy figure is modeled after Dante's appearance in the heralded video game series. Dante features 30 points of articulation and features a wide selection of accessories straight from the game, including: Alastor, shot, Ebony, Ivory, removable fire bursts, and gun and sword gripping hands. Dante is packaged in a display ready box and is available now at ToyZoo.com.

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