Batman from Batman Arkham Knight

In less than two months, Warner Bros. will release the highly anticipated video game Batman: Arkham Knight. From Rocksteady, this open-world sandbox superhero game will open up more of Gotham city than ever before. As Batman, players will have to stop the threat of the Arkham Knight, a new villain created specifically for this game that is a militarized version of Batman. Along the way Batman will have to face old foes who return once more to the popular video game franchise. While you can't buy the game yet, you can buy several of the collectible action figures for the game available now at

Harley Quinn from Arkham Knight

We've just received three action figures that are part of the first series of Batman: Arkham Knight toys from DC Collectibles. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, each of these action figures feature multiple points of articulation and come equipped with game accurate accessories. We have Batman, Harley Quinn and the Scarecrow available to order today. The titular Arkham Knight is still available for pre-order and we expect him (or her?) to arrive soon.

Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Knight

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