Batman 66 on the phone

Robin: Holy vintage style Batman!

Batman: You said it old chum. It seems some diabolical maniac has turned you, myself, Batgirl and The Joker into highly collectible vinyl figures.

Robin: Who do you think is behind this?

Batman: Well, there can only be one group of super-villains dastardly enough to pull something like this off: Evil Corp.

Robin: Evil Corp.? You mean the British toy company that has been turning some of the most beloved film, television and cartoon characters into vinyl toys that are unlike anything else on the market?

Batman: One-in-the-same, Robin.

Robin: What do you suggest we do, Batman?

Batman: I think we should buy each and every one of them, chum. They would certainly bring some flair to the Batcave. Luckily, I never go anywhere without my Bat-merican Express card.

Add some flair to your Batcave, man-cave, office or bedroom with Batman '66 Vinyl Idolz figures. Vinyl Idolz is the brainchild of Evil Corp and Vinyl Sugar that gives your favorite pop-culture properties a decidedly British bend. Available for pre-order today at, you can get your favorite characters from the cult classic television series, including:

The Joker

Each figure stands roughly eight inches tall and comes packaged in a display ready window box. Shop these figures and be sure to check out the rest of's classic TV Batman selection. If you're shipping within the lower 48, your package ships for free!

Batman 66 Vinyl IdolzThe Joker 66 Vinyl IdolzBatgirl 66 Vinyl IdolzRobin 66 Vinyl Idolz