Superhero Identity: Iron Man

Real Name: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark

Played By: Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel Cinematic Universe History: The road to the Age of Ultron started in 2008 when Marvel Studios released Iron Man. In this now classic superhero film, billionaire and weapons aficionado Tony Stark is attacked and kidnapped by terrorists. Heavily injured in the attack, Tony barely escapes with his life when he builds two devices that will change the course of human history: the Arc Reactor and the Mark I Iron Man suit. Escaping from his captors, Stark set out to perfect the Iron Man suit above all else. His hard work and dedication eventually led to the Mark III Iron Man armor. After a test drive of the new suit in the Middle East, Stark faced his first real challenge against Obadiah Stane in the Iron Monger armor suit. After his epic battle and victory over Stane, Tony Stark did the unthinkable and announced to the world that he is Iron Man. This announcement would catch the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who during Iron Man 2 would seek to recruit Stark for a special team. As he was challenged by new foes like Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer, Stark would find his most difficult challenge would be that of the Arc Reactor in his chest that had been slowly poisoning him. With a little help from his father, Tony was able to fix his Arc Reactor problem and save the day from Vanko and the Hammer Industries army of deadly robots.

Tony’s battles with rival billionaires would serve only as an entree to the main course that was Loki and his army of Chitauri soldiers. This Asgardian menace used his second chance at life to put an end to all life on Earth in the billion-dollar blockbuster Marvel’s The Avengers. Stark, now on his Mark VII armor, would find his technological genius pushed beyond the limits as he learned first-hand just how capable his armor was when he guided a missile away from the people of New York City and into another dimension. He amazingly survived, but not without psychological side effects.

In the aftermath of the alien invasion of New York, Tony would spend many sleepless nights in his laboratory building dozens of Iron Man suits. Stark’s hubris would nearly be his downfall when the mysterious Mandarin began launching attacks around the world in the blockbuster film Iron Man 3. When Happy Hogan, Stark’s former personal bodyguard, is gravely injured in an attack, Tony openly challenged the terrorist leader. The challenge was met when Mandarin launched an attack on Stark’s Los Angeles home. Believed to be dead, he would rebuild and recover from both physical and mental wounds in snowy rural Tennessee before taking on Mandarin, Aldrich Killian and his army of Extremis-powered soldiers. To defeat them, Iron Man would call upon nearly every suit he’s ever built. When the dust settled, Tony Stark would finally undergo life altering surgery to remove the Arc Reactor and the tiny pieces of shrapnel from his heart that had been with him since he was first attacked and kidnapped so many years ago. To show his devotion to Pepper Potts, Tony did the unthinkable and ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to destroy every Iron Man suit.

What does the future hold for Tony Stark and Iron Man? Find out May 1st, 2015 when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters.