Mark I

Mark I (As seen in Iron Man)

The Mark I is the very first Iron Man suit constructed by Tony Stark. Built out of scrap metal, the Mark 1 had limited movement options and firepower, but it was enough to help Stark escape his captors in Afghanistan.

Mark II

Mark II (As seen in Iron Man)

After Stark returned to America, he began work on refining the Mark I to make it more powerful, more agile and more like the Iron Man suit we all know and love. This prototype was the first suit to achieve sustained flight using Repulsors in the hands and boots. This armor would eventually be heavily modified by Hammer Industries and turned into the Mark I War Machine.

Mark III

Mark III (As seen in Iron Man)

The Mark III would be the first combat ready Iron Man suit constructed. Utilized the Repulsors from the Mark II, the Mark III would add a hefty amount of fire-power to its arsenal. The first Iron Man suit to feature a gold and red paint scheme, Tony Stark was able to use this armor to take out terrorists in the Middle East and defeat the Iron Monger on the streets of Los Angeles.

Mark V

Mark V (As seen in Iron Man 2)

The suit in a suitcase! The Mark V made its limited film debut in Iron Man 2 when Stark first came face to face with Ivan Vanko at the Grand Monaco Racing Track. An experimental suit, the Mark V was easier than any suit before it to put on, though at the cost of thinner armor. Armed with only its Repulsors and the Unibeam, the suit was no match for Vanko and his electric whips.

Mark VII

Mark VII (As seen in Marvel’s The Avengers)

Another suit still in its experimental phase, the Mark VII was humanity’s last hope in the Battle for New York. After have his Mark VI suit damaged, Stark would call upon J.A.R.V.I.S. to deploy this suit that attach itself to the Stark so long as he was wearing two metallic bracelets. The Mark VII utilized Repulsors, laser weapons, missiles and flares in its fight against the Chitauri. It also managed to survive a trip to another dimension and keep Stark alive after he fell back to Earth.


Mark XLII (As seen in Iron Man 3)

After creating more than a dozen suits in the aftermath of the Battle for New York, Stark created the Mark XLII, an armor that turned out to be more versatile than any suit before it. For starters, it fit not only Stark, but Pepper Potts and Aldrich Killian as well. The main suit seen in Iron Man 3, the XLII features a color scheme that put a huge emphasis on the color gold over the color red. This suit was destroyed with Killian inside when Stark ordered the self-destruction of all of his suits.


Mark XXXVIII (As seen in Iron Man 3)

At the end of Iron Man 3, the Mark XXXVIII was one of the many suits seen when Stark initiated the House Party Protocol. As one of the many suits that made up the Iron Legion, the suit featured multiple-layered titanium plating that made it the thickest, strongest and most durable suit made to date. It was destroyed at the end of Iron Man 3 when Stark ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to destroy all of his suits.


Mark XLIII (As seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Up until the end of Iron Man 3, all of Stark’s suits were powered by the Arc Reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. But at the end of the film, Stark had the reactor removed and finally rid his heart of those pieces of shrapnel. He gave up being Iron Man for Pepper Potts, but that all changed when Ultron appeared. Now Stark is back and the suit and back in action in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Mark XLIV (As seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron)

The Mark 44, aka Hulkbuster Armor. This is the suit comic fans have been waiting to see and trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron have not disappointed. The largest suit Stark has ever built, the Hulkbuster Armor was designed specifically to go up against the Incredible Hulk himself.

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